Global School Partners welcomes and invites schools throughout Australia to join us as a Donor School and to build a relationship with a Partner School in Africa.

The relationship between the two schools is nurtured to be specific and personal so that staff and students journey together  over the years.

Students and staff are encouraged to write to each other as pen pals which, over time, cements their relationship and a deep understanding of each person, school, culture and country develops.

Donor Schools are encouraged to raise funds annually to assist the Partner School to develop and improve their educational offer. The funds donated by Partner Schools go in their entirety to the Partner School.

Global School Partner's guarantee

100% of Donor School funds goes to the Partner School

Global School Partners believes in integrity and transparency and will always inform and show all donors exactly what their money was used for - see our Projects.

'I have seen so much Aid money given to Africa, but none or very little reaches the very people for whom it was intended. The money gets used in administration costs of the organisation, it goes to senior officials and middle men in the Developing  country and a pittance reaches those living in poverty. Global School Partners wants to see the person living in poverty directly receive the benefit, in a fashion of their own choosing and for purposes that are their priority, not ours.' - Simon Carroll

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