Help us to make these projects a reality

We have a number of projects waiting for funding. Please consider how you, your school or your business can help. Contact us to get involved.

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Future Water and Sanitation projects include:


A 10,000 litre water tank can be purchased and installed with guttering for approx $2,000.

A block of 4 toilets can be built for approx $2,400.

Donate now or email Simon

CLASSROOM and whole school

Future Classroom and Whole School projects include:

Brick classrooms can be built for approx $5,000. Donate now or email Simon


Future Textbooks and Resources projects include:

Text books cost approx $8 each.

Exercise books are 5 for a $1.

Desks cost approx $14 each.

A metal double or triple bunk bed with mattress and blanket costs approx $100 (wooden ones are less expensive but can harbour bed bugs)

Donate now or email Simon