The GSP Program Officer, Lonah Maiko visits each school on a monthly basis to:

  • Maintain the Young Women’s Program, which includes educating and mentoring, plus the provision of sanitary pads

  • Check the sanitation conditions, in particular the toilets and water access for hand washing and drinking

  • Collect data on absenteeism so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of our health and well being projects

  • Provide on going education to each school's Health Officer

  • Meet with all sponsored students to check how they are and what their needs are

  • Meet with the school Manager to assess how projects and plans are progressing

  • Coordinate the purchase and distribution of new curriculum text books and teacher guides to all schools

This program is funded by GSP Australia and we would appreciate your support. Donate now or contact Simon to discuss ways you can contribute.

Lonah and Moses - GSP-KC Well Being Officers

Lonah and Moses - GSP-KC Well Being Officers