New text books for Kisii County Schools

The Kenyan Department of Education launched a new curriculum in 2018 meaning that all schools needed to get new text books and teacher guides. The new curriculum is being phased in over 6 years so 2018 saw Kindi to Year 3 changing to the new curriculum and then it will progress each year - so year 4 in 2019, Year 5 in 2020 etc until all the way to Year 8 in 2023.

This meant that none of our schools had current texts for students up to Year 3 at the start of 2018. Fortunately we were able to fund new books for about a third of our schools, those in Kisii County. In Nyamira County our schools have to wait until 2019 for the required new books, but this supply has also now been funded and distribution to Nyamira Schools will occur in January 2019.