Kerobe Joybright Academy

The school consisted of 4 stick and mud classrooms when GSP was first introduced. The school grows by a class a year (e.g. 2011 it had baby to class 1, then in 2012 it offered class 2 etc) to keep pace with the students. So the construction of 3 more classrooms was vital for the schools progression. The school was not near a road so visitors had to park and walk approx 600 m to the school.

This year the local government decided that a road was needed in the area and so without consultation or compensation the 4 original classrooms, plus nearby farmer’s tea bushes were bull dozed to make way for the new road. The school was decimated and displaced classes operated under a tarpaulin until GSP was able to fund the construction of 7 new brick classrooms. Click here to see photos of Kerobe rebuilt

Quick facts:
Partner school - Latham Primary School
Student number -  approximately 120
Sponsored students - 7
Projects - 2 water tank, 11 classrooms, container goods, hand washing stations, text books, chairs.

Projects needing funds:
Completion of new brick classrooms with blackboards, desks, flooring
Glass for windows
Fencing for security

Sponsorship needs:
7 Kerobe students are currently sponsored, with many more waiting for support to ensure that they can stay at school. Sponsor a student


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Images of Kerobe Joybright Academy