Obwororo Academy

Obwororo Academy is partnered with Arawang Primary School in the ACT. Obwororo has large grounds and a mix of brick and wood classrooms, a large school hall which doubles as the dining hall for the boarders and a boarding hostel. Many students, particularly the girls, stay as boarders primarily as a safety precaution to avoid them having to travel (usually walking) to and from school. Currently electricity is being installed mainly for the boarding hostel - with no electrical power in the hostel, once it is dark, the children use kerosene lamps, which in the crowded boarding environment are easily knocked over causing fires.

Quick facts:
Partner school - Arawang Primary School
Student number -  approximately 250
Sponsored students - 10
Projects - 2 water tanks, electricity (underway), beds and mattresses, exercise books and stationery, chairs, container goods, hand washing stations, cement floor for the hall (so the boarders don't have to sit in the dirt to eat meals) and windows and doors.

Projects needing funds:
Completion of dormitories
Classroom essentials like blackboard, desks and chairs

Sponsorship needs:
Many Obwororo students are orphans or partial orphans, frequently a consequence of their parents having HIV AIDS. These students find it very difficult and often Obwororo director (Martin Maiko) is assisting them personally to stay in school, rather than being sent into the community to find work. Sponsor a student


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