Walk for Hope by Good Shepherd Primary, ACT

In 2015 Good Shepherd Primary held an all school event to raise awareness and funds for theor partner school in Kenya, the School of Hope.

Students, teachers and parents were all involved in the activities which provided a real life experience of life for a student at School of Hope, such as:

  • Carrying water in a container - children at School of Hope do not have piped water so they must take a container to the local stream,or well, to get water to use at home. Milk containers were used and students carried these for quite  distance and experienced how heavy water really is.
  • Building a wall - School of Hope has most classrooms made of wood or corrugated iron and Good Shepherd has funded the building of brick classrooms. Students carried bricks and then lay them on top of each other to build a wall.
  • Try some ugali - ugali is the staple diet of the children at School of Hope, it is a thick, porridge-like food made of corn flour and water and most children will eat this once or twice a day. Students experienced eating ugali made by a Good Shepherd parent.
  • Walking barefoot - School of Hope students may, if they are fortunate have a pair of school shoes, but for most that is their only pair of shoes. Good Shepherd students experienced walking barefoot over rough ground. 
  • Other activities included an education session with GSP CEO Simon Carroll, a 3 legged race and filling hearts with coins.