Build a classroom - Good Shepherd Primary and St Jude's Primary Schools, both in ACT

Good Shepherd Primary School, ACT wanted to build new classrooms for their partner school The School of Hope, because their classrooms were unsafe and very poor learning environments. The school created an artificial wall and encouraged students to bring in a financial donation to be used to buy bricks for the new classrooms. For each donation the student was given a card board brick to build a wall. Good Shepherd made the activity an inter-house competition which increased the excitement among the students. The fundraiser was a success and the school has funded 7 brick classrooms for The School of Hope.

St Jude's Primary School, ACT used a similar activity to raise funds for a classroom for their partner school Surgeon Primary Academy and students placed colourful 'bricks' down the school corridor. The fundraiser was a success and St Jude's has funded 4 brick classrooms for Surgeon Primary.