St Joseph's Academy Nyagwekoa

St Joseph's Academy is located in Kisii County and is a vital primary education provider for the area. The school is located behind a brick building but is itself made from timber and corrugated iron. The students have an active band and dance group and welcome visitors with a vibrant exhibition of their talent. The school supplements its income by providing a posho mill which grinds maize/corn for the local community for a small charge.

Quick facts:
Partner school - St Clare of Assisi Primary School
Student number - approximately 178
Sponsored students - 3
Projects - Classrooms, text books, games equipment, water tank.

Projects needing funds:
Potable water, via a water tank capturing the rain water from the iron roof
Text books - there are not enough for students to use and what is there is out of date
Games equipment, for students to play
Permanent brick classrooms to replace the corrugated iron

Sponsorship needs:
See students waiting for sponsorship page


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Images of St Joseph's Academy