Riamabana Orphanage Academy

This amazing school is situated at the bottom of a hill in the midst of a tea plantation. Unfortunately early in 2015 heavy rains caused a mud slide that destroyed 2 classrooms, the kitchen and the chickens raised to supplement the food supply for boarders - generous donations have enabled the rebuild of brick classrooms and a kitchen so that the school could maintain operations and retain the boarders.

Quick facts:
Partner school - St Joseph's Primary School, ACT
Student number - 132
Sponsored students - 5
Projects - classrooms, desks, books, electricity, library, toilets, cow, kitchen

Projects needing funds:
Finishing of the new classrooms with roof, cement floors, windows and new desks and blackboards
Chickens to replace those lost in the mud slide and new chicken coop

Sponsorship needs:
See Students waiting for sponsorship


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Images of Riamabana Academy