Charcha Kiomanga Academy

Charcha Kiomanga Academy is partnered with St Thomas the Apostle Primary School in ACT. The school opened in 1990 as a response to community need for a school to cater for the large number of childrenin the area left orphaned by HIV AIDS who were not attending school. Charcha Kiomanga was burnt down in the unrest following the 2007 elections in Kenya. Fortunately with World Vision's support the school was rebuilt and continues to provide the children in the area the opportunity of education.

Quick facts:
Partner school - St Thomas the Apostle Primary School
Student number -  approximately 120
Sponsored students - 3
Projects - water tank, classroom completion, container goods, hand washing stations, gate and fence for security.

Projects needing funds:
Completion of remaining clasrooms
New toilets

Sponsorship needs:
Many Kiomanga students are orphans or partial orphans, frequently a consequence of their parents having HIV AIDS. These students find it very difficult and often Kiomanga director (Rael Nyabate) is assisting them personally to stay in school, rather than being sent into the community to find work. Sponsor a student

Images of Charcha Kiomanga Academy