Jariah Education Centre

Jariah Education Centre is partnered with St Michael’s Primary School in the ACT. The school was started by Jackson Onyonka because he saw a need for local children to have easier access to school, rather than having to walk a long distance. The school is in rural and remote area, a long way from other infrastructure. The land is fertile, and many local people are subsistence farmers. Due to HIVAIDS many students are orphans or partial orphans (where one parent has died).
The school commenced in 2010 and has shown a steady improvement.

Jackson Onyonka is a teacher and still teachers in a government school to support his family and help fund Jariah Education Centre.
“I wanted to help the local community by providing the children a quality education close to home” Jackson – Director Jariah Education Centre

Quick facts:
Partner school - St Michael’s Primary School
Student number -  approximately 250
Sponsored students - Nil
Projects - Nil to date.

Projects needing funds:
Brick classrooms
Water access - tanks or well

Sponsorship needs:
Many Jariah students are orphans or partial orphans, frequently a consequence of their parents having HIV AIDS. These students find it very difficult and often Jariah director (Jackson Onyonka) is assisting them personally to stay in school, rather than being sent into the community to find work.

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