Excellence Academy

Excellence Academy is partnered with Mother Teresa’s Catholic Primary School in the ACT. The school was started in 2005 by Mr Charles Omanche Ayieka and has over 200 students, with many affected by poverty and HIV AIDS.  The school fulfills a vital need in the area  for quality education for the young.

Quick facts:
Partner school - Mother Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, ACT
Student number -  approximately 220
Sponsored students - Nil (If you would like to Sponsor a student please click)
Projects - nil

Projects needing funds:
Water access
Brick classrooms
Classroom essentials like blackboard, desks and chairs


To come

Images of Excellence Academy

Christine’s speech when we visited Excellence Academy in July 2018

Christine is a student at Excellence Academy and is a young woman living with a disability - she is unable to walk. This has meant that her sister, who is two years older than Christine, physically carried her everywhere, ands I mean everywhere, to school, to church, to the toilet, everywhere! We were made aware of Christine’s situation in late 2017 and were fortunately able to arrange a wheelchair for her which has changed her life and the life of her family.
This is part of a speech she made when we visited Excellence in July 2018: