Global School Partners currently has 122 students sponsored in schools in Kenya, but we have many needy students living in poverty who's lives would dramatically change with sponsorship.

Students waiting for sponsorship

For many being sponsored means that they can attend school and gain an education, rather than having to find work as a child labourer in tea plantations, quarries or in other even less desirable circumstances such as the sex trade. Read Faith's Christmas present (see Faith pictured above) or watch Faith’s video

Sponsors receive a student profile, student school reports and we encourage them to write to really get to know their child. 

Sponsorship is currently $350 per year and this enables the sponsored student to receive:

  • A place in school for that year - education

  • A full, new school uniform

  • Stationery and exercise books

Sponsorship used to include lunch each day at Partner Schools, however many Partner Schools have now stopped providing students with lunch because of the ever increasing cost of food. Lunch can be provided for an additional cost of $220 per year.

Payment can be made as a lump sum or in monthly installments (a single receipt is issued at the end of the financial year). Payment information here.

To find out more read GSP Sponsorship information or to sponsor a student email Simon at