Keeping our young women in school

Young women at our partner schools miss up to one week a month, 25% of their schooling, due to menstruation. Some contributing factors to them being absent from school are:

  1. Lack of sanitary pads
  2. Lack of person understanding about puberty and menstruation
  3. Cultural perceptions about menstruation

GSP has partnered with Pad Heaven. This is a Kenyan business founded by Florence Kamaitha whose aim is 'keeping girls in class one pad at a time.'

Our program provides each of our young women with:

  • Education about puberty and menstruation
  • 6 Reusable/washable sanitary pads
  • Ongoing mentoring and support

At this point we are trialing the program in three GSP partner schools and in the home environment of an orphanage with about 16 girls.

Funds are needed to assist with the trial, and if successful GSP will be seeking a partner to assist the roll out the program to all our schools. Donate now.