Here's what we've achieved so far.

Water and Sanitation

  • 33 water tanks with guttering, providing fresh, clean water on school campuses
  • 74 toilets, providing sanitation and reducing illness

CLASSROOM and whole school

  • 71 classrooms, enabling teachers and students to engage in an environment conducive to learning 
  • 330 desks, so students are not working on the floor
  • 106 beds, mattresses and blankets for students who board in our schools
  • 4 schools now have electricity
  • 3 sustainable school food programs
  • 1 full kitchen and assistance with another


  • Over 350 text books
  • Over 1500 exercise books
  • Over 2050 reading books
  • Multiple sets of education resources and teacher's aids, like wall charts
  • Over 120 soccer balls
  • Over 60 skipping ropes
  • Large quantities of stationery and science laboratory equipment
The projects we undertake are nominated and approved by each partner school’s directors and community. The people in Africa we work with know what they need most, they know what and how things work for them in their culture and their community. It is not for us from Australia to dictate or demand what these communities need and want.
— Simon Carroll, Chair Global School Partners

Our facilitation method:

We visit regularly, at least once a year, to ensure that our relationship with the schools in Africa continues to build. We do not undertake work ourselves, we merely make it possible for the local people in the local community to do the work and earn their living.
— Simon Carroll, Chair Global School Partners