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Obwororo Academy is located in the Nyamira District of Kenya, which is in the mountainous south west of the country.

The school was started in 1998 by the current Head of School, Martin Maiko, and caters for children in years 1 to 8 (Australian equivalent is Kindi to year 6) and Nursery (equivalent to preschool). The school has 3 Nursery classes of 25 students each and one class of 40 students for each of years 1 to 8. The school has achieved reasonable results from its year 8 cohort each year with some children being accepted into the second tier of secondary education in Kenya, the Provincial School system and one student now at Nairobi University.

The school has 11 temporary classrooms which need updating.

The school provides boarding for the children who have no homes, are at risk at home or who travel a long distance to school, however it is very short of boarding space, beds, mattresses and food. The norm is 2 or 3 to a bed (single bed size) in very cramped conditions. Currently the school is building a second story to the boarding hostel for increased accommodation.

The schools kitchen is inadequate to cope with the demand of feeding the students.

The school is desperately short of learning resources such as books, stationery, exercise books and teaching resources.

Poor sanitation is an issue, which results in students having days off school due to illness.

See Current Projects for details on what Obwororo Academy, with their partners Arawang Primary School in the ACT and Global School Partners, are seeking to achieve.  Some of these projects will require external funding from Australian organisations and philanthropists, as the cost is too great for the school's fundraising capabilities.

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