Garthill Edcation Centre (Charcha Esamba Academy)

Garthill Education Centre (formerly Charcha Esamba Academy) is partnered with St John Vianney Primary School in the ACT. The school was a small collection of mud and stick huts with even a class operating under a tree, when GSP first visited and with many students affected by poverty and HIV AIDS.  Since then it has gone from strength to strength with water now available, permanent classrooms, improved toilets and some of the students most in need now sponsored.

Quick facts:
Partner school - St John Vianney Primary School
Student number -  approximately 250
Sponsored students - 12 Sponsor a student
Projects - 2 water tanks, 6 classrooms, 3 toilets, electricity, chairs and desks, container goods, hand washing stations, office

Projects needing funds:
Completion of classrooms
Classroom essentials like blackboard, desks and chairs


October 2017  March 2017  November 2016  

Images of Garthill Education Centre